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IRS and NYS Audit

The IRS & NYS Tax Authorities Are More Aggressive Than Ever

Are you receiving tax notices related to old companies you thought you closed down long ago? Have you received collection notices with large amounts due? Do you need more time to pay prior liabilities? Has the IRS or State placed tax liens on your home? Is the IRS or State threatening to take your pay check, 401(k), and other retirement accounts? Is the IRS or State threatening to seize your bank account and take your money out of the bank? Is the IRS or State threatening to seize your personal property? Would you like to settle for a lesser amount with an "Offer In Compromise"? If you owe the IRS or a state jurisdiction, we can help you now!

Our tax problem resolution services include:

  • Expert advice from a licensed CPA
  • IRS and/or State and local audit representation
  • Complete tax filing services that bring you up-to-date as required
  • Installment agreements
  • Offer in compromise
  • Penalty abatement requests
  • Wage garnishment releases
  • Bank levy releases

Basic Terms Related to Tax Problem Resolution

Installment Agreement – A monthly payment plan set up to pay back the taxpayer's tax liability. The IRS has guidelines as to what amount they will accept and the time frame they will accept it in. A financial profile (Form 433A and/or Form 433B) is required from the taxpayer before the tax resolution firm can negotiate an instalment agreement.

Offer in Compromise – An offer to the IRS or State to lower the total tax liability owed by the taxpayer due to financial constraints.

Penalty Abatement – The IRS or State assesses penalties and interest on tax liabilities. Over time taxes due years ago can increase from hundreds to thousands of dollars. While interest is cannot be abated, The IRS or State will consider reducing or elimination completely of penalties based upon your circumstances and factors.

Currently Not Collectible – When the taxpayer cannot afford to pay the IRS or State monies due to a lack of assets and low income or no income (recently laid off due to current economy) then the IRS or State may determine the taxpayer Currently Not Collectible and agree that their tax liability will be waivedfor the time being or eliminated.

Audit Representation – If you are currently being audited, it is very important to be represented by tax professionals who understand your individual issues. Form 2848 (A Power of Attorney) will be required to be signed by you before a professional tax advisor such as a CPA can represent you./p>

Rosedale & Drapala, CPAs and Tax Resolution Specialists have the knowledge to help. To request more information about tax problem resolution, contact us today.

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