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Tax Services for Small Business Owners

Are you taking advantage of every tax deduction your business is entitled to?

Small Business Accounting Services

Our experienced CPAs specialize in small business tax and accounting, and will help you get all the deductions and tax breaks entitled to your business guaranteed.

We provide our online cloud-based solution to managing your businesses tax and finance information. Our simple-to-use system puts all the tools you need in your hands. Plus, our experienced CPAs will review your information, and help ensure your filings are accurate.

Corresponding with the IRS can be difficult, time-consuming and frightening. Our business services package includes tax representation for your business. Our CPAs will handle all the paperwork needed to keep you in good standings with the IRS.

Rosedale & Drapala, CPAs can help you save money by finding the deductions and tax credits your New York business is entitled to.

Do You Know What State & Local Business Tax Filings Are Required?

Failure to register timely or file state and local reports, even if no money is due, can result in expensive penalties. Your new business cannot afford to waste money on penalties.

We will advise you as to what forms must be filed for your particular business:

  • Expert advice from a licensed CPA
  • Tax return preparation services provided
  • IRS audit representation

Information About State & Local Taxes for New Business Owners

In addition to business taxes required by the federal government, employers will have to pay some state and local taxes. Each state and locality has its own tax laws. The most common types of tax requirements for small business include income tax, employment tax, annual registrations and annual filing fees.

Nearly every state levies a business or corporate income tax. Your tax requirement depends on the legal structure of your business. For example, if your business is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), the LLC gets taxed separately from the owners, while sole proprietors report their personal and business income taxes using the same form.

In addition to federal employment taxes, business owners with employees are also responsible for paying certain taxes required by the state. All states require payment of state workers' compensation insurance and unemployment insurance taxes. Some states also require a business to pay for temporary disability insurance.

Most states require business owners to register their business with a state tax agency and apply for various tax permits.

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Whether you have a business or are thinking about starting a business, let Rosedale & Drapala handle all of your, tax and accounting needs. We have been working with local businesses just like you for over 25 years.

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We can help you with new business setups, bookkeeping services, QuickBooks, S Corporation, partnership and LLC tax preparation services. Tax compliance services including payroll and sales taxes.

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